About us

We are a creative studio specializing in the design and production of events and ephemeral or temporary spaces. Our projects are aimed at corporate, institutional and social environments, we offer the conceptualization of the idea, design development and project execution and resource management. We are a complement to commercial and communication strategies designed for your sales team or communication agency.

DENOK is a project powered by Montai Produkzioak in 2013, which departs from a wide experience of this last in the field of events and the knowledge in design and project management of people who are part of it.

We create sets for events, conferences, communication spaces, showrooms, exhibition stands, TV sets, and furniture and products for the event.

We give value to your commercial activity and communication with attractive, dynamic and immersive, and consistent with public events and values of your organization. Our challenge: to exceed expectations of the objectives.

Our commitment is green. Commitment to the environment through ecodesign, reuse of materials and use of recyclable materials. And also we compromise the sustainability of our projects, optimizing the management and lessening the costs for our clients.

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