A bocados

Look at this!

Recently we were able to see and listen to Txomin Parrilla, a long-time client and friend of DENOK, on the TV program A Bocados of EITB presenting his flagship product Basatxerri with Eusko Label.

In DENOK we have customized the infrastructures that Txomin Parrilla uses in its events: the trailer to roast the pig, the trailer that integrates an authentic kupela to offer cider and, of course, the van that transports these trailers from town to town.

Thanks to the work and collaboration of the artist Iñigo Borda, we were able to use his illustrations inspired by the environments, animals and products offered by the Basque villages, resulting in a very colorful work. In the following video you can see this great work …

Merkatutik zuretzat! ekimena

We have started the new year with a great deal of participation this January. It is a pleasure to see people who come from the beginning each month and the newcomers to see how they are greeted by a massive question, as well as to the farmers who are entering the ceremony explaining the products of the time, as well as the kitchen chefs Aiala.
As always, we raffle a wonderful basket among the consumers of the market, composed of products from different positions of the Merkatu Plaza of Zarautz. Just take a look at the face of joy that put the winner of the basket we raffled in this edition …


Merkatutik zuretzat! is a campaign designed and produced by DENOK, to promote and revitalize the Market Square of Zarautz, with the support of the City Council of Zarautz, Urkome, Aiala and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. This initiative will last one year and 10 editions have already been held. In March it will be the last event, so if you have not yet been able to get close, do not miss the opportunity to learn different techniques of how to cook seasonal products from the hands of professional cooks of the Aiala school, or to receive advice from the baserritarras of the area to be able to grow these products in your own garden.


Last weekend the first edition of the “Basque Gabonetako Azoka” took place on the Arenal dock in Bilbao, a special fair where 20 producers, mainly from Bizkaia, gathered to offer their best food and drinks.

They were accompanied by guided tastings of their products by Mikel Garaizabal, as well as different workshops in which they could learn what is behind their work.

The tastings and workshops had a solidarity price of 2€, and the destination of this collection was entirely research into therapies in neurodegenerative diseases through WOP Fundazioa.

In DENOK we take care of the production of some areas that made up the “Basque Gabonetako Azoka”, as the entrance with the shape of a hamlet that imitates the Igartubeitia hamlet of Ezkio-Itxaso and also the bar where products promoted by HAZI Fundazioa were served, all of them designed and produced by DENOK for the Apurua, which has been celebrated for a few years in San Sebastian.


The fourth edition of Sagardo Apurua in San Sebastián has already arrived. We are proud to create, design and produce this project four years ago, thanks to the HAZI Foundation and the Cider Association of Gipuzkoa. Year after year, this project has been growing and the effects of the experience of all these years are noticeable and that is what makes us happier to DENOK. Do not miss this year the opportunity to taste the cider as it used to be in our villages during the Apurua in this large custom tent that evokes the Igartubeitia farmhouse of Ezkio-Itsaso in an exceptional environment.

Txerriboda / Sagardo Festa Ordiziako Euskal-Jaietan

In Ordizia we are celebrating the Euskal-Jaiak and the itinerant tent “Basque; Zer jan hura izan / We are what we eat”, of course, it has been installed in Plaza Garagarza. Come and taste the Eusko Label products offered in our Txerriboda / Sagardo Festa. The tent will remain open on 6, 8 and 9 September, so do not miss this incomparable occasion.

Look at the following pictures of the very special environment created in this personalized touring tent that we have been doing for the HAZI Foundation since DENOK:

Sagardo Fest Tolosan

There is always something happening in Tolosa… and last 9th of June to 11th Sagardo Fest was the reason for celebration. In addition to the different ciders of Tolosaldea, there was also opportunity to taste special cider from elsewhere. This time, Brittany, Normandy and Iparralde were invited to make a sample of his own cider. There was also opportunity to delve into the history and culture of the cider approaching by means of guided visits to the old cider workshops of Tolosa. Special tastings of cider with denomination of origin “Euskal Sagardoa” with the help of a winemaker, express-tastings, guided visits and many other activities formed the Sagardo Fest this year in Tolosa.

DENOK was responsible for the design and production of the project of the tent, and of its interiors, which stood in Triangulo Plaza. In the following pictures, you can see part of the work we did.


80th anniversary of the bombing of Gernika at the Memory Plaza exhibition

The exhibition Memoriaren Plaza of the Gogora Institute, designed and produced by DENOK, has been in Gernika-Lumo coinciding with the 80th anniversary of the bombing of the city. Apart from the different testimonies that are collected from the people of the different municipalities through which it is happening, this traveling exhibition hosts very interesting events as well; And on April 25 even people from different parts of the world came to enjoy the event in memory of the bombing. Take a look at the atmosphere created by the Hika Theater group.


One more year has passed almost without realizing it. We have had a lot of work this year too and that is why we wanted to take this moment to highlight the loyalty of our customers, since they have wanted to work with us for another year. Our most warm thanks to HAZI, Gipuzkoako Sagardogile Elkartea, Gogora, Eusko Jaurlaritza, Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia, MECAL, Iribarri Telecontrol, Zarauzko Udala, Adegi, Caritas and other entities and companies for trusting us, because we all do DENOK.

We hope that in 2017 we will continue to collaborate as we have done so far.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




BIEMH 2016

Aún faltan dos meses para abrir sus puertas pero ya está aquí la feria de mayor impacto en nuestro sector industrial, la Bienal de Máquina Herramienta. Los fabricantes de nuestro entorno son todo un referente del sector, al igual que lo es la BIEMH. Y de ahí la importancia de un buen posicionamiento ferial, tanto en imagen como en el contenido, ya que las ferias son el espacio perfecto para conocer clientes, indagar en sus necesidades, ofrecer soluciones y en el mejor de los casos, cerrar ventas. Read More